Ingredients consist of  Coriander, Ginger, Garlic,  Dill Seeds, Pepper,  Alpinia Galanga, Cummin, Solanum Melongena/ Undatum, Coscinium Fenestratum, Ajwain, Cinnamon & Horseradish.
                              (12 Natural Ingredients)               

              All Natural ingredients,  No preservatives , No additives, No sugar.

The mystical, medicinal properties of Coriander and Ginger have been recognised and utilised by Sri Lankans for centuries.

Initially, these two herbs were blended in various strengths and combinations with other ingredients, infused in a pot of boiling water and sipped as needed throughout the day. This drink is traditionally known as Inguru Koththamalli (Coriander/Ginger drink). Sri Lankan families prepared their own supply in accord with the recipe which was handed down from generation to generation. It is still in use today. 

Major purpose of the drink was to help ( ward off ) soothe sore throats, coughs, colds, flu, sneezes, sinus pain, itchy eyes and headaches.

 COGINT, while it retains all the principles of this ancient recipe, also contributes an additional important factor. COGINT is systematically blended to the exact same effective recipe and every user can rest assured all twelve ingredients (blended, prepared and packed in Australia using Australian and overseas materials) deliver maximum and consistent quality and benefit always.

To soothe, revitalise, enliven but relax the body and refresh the mind.

Sip throughout the day or as needed, avoid if you have heartburn. Infants and small children should not ingest. (contains pepper)

Directions for use;

* Unpack contents to a clean tumbler/ MUG

* Pour 300 ml fresh boiling water

* Cover, infuse/ brew for 10 Minutes or longer

* Stir & Strain, add one teaspoon of Bee Honey (optional)

* Sip 100 - 150 ml (warm) every hour - Discard after 6 hours

*** (Do not mix with anything else)